Are you thinking of sending your child to junior school?

Junior school provides education for children from age 3 and older. The demographics of junior school include staff and students from at least 50 countries. Students benefit from meeting children from other countries and cultures; most likely growing up with less prejudice towards other cultures. With such an array of students and staff, a true international flavor is always present.

As the world continues to become figuratively smaller more importance is placed on communication among countries. What better way to expose your child to an education emphasizing the English language as a common language for international communication than to send them to junior school? In junior school UK children will make friends from foreign countries and most likely pick up some foreign language phrases while perfecting their command of English. It would be hard to think of a better way to broaden your child’s horizons.

All classes are limited in size to only 18 students. The progress of each student is closely monitored by teachers that specialize in international programmes. Students are taught following the Primary Years Programme (PYP). The PYP is a programme from International Baccalaureate (IB) developed for students aged 3-12. This programme is dedicated to encouraging the complete growth of a child, including their mind and heart. It addresses cultural, emotional, physical and social issues as well as academics. PYP strives to engage and challenge children within an educational framework relevant for all children.

There are two junior school options available for your consideration, full curriculum or junior residential school. Full curriculum is for the school term whereas junior residential school is essentially summer school courses. Junior school UK students may enjoy summer sessions to brush up on their school skills before the next years term in public school. For international students it is a great way to learn English and other various subjects in a fun, less formal environment.

For those living in London, students can be picked up at their door and delivered home to their door after school for a small fee. The school has 24 hour medical support in case of emergency. Students are closely supervised both for their safety and for their course progress. To give your child the best education available, junior school is the wise decision.

Are you trying to decide whether to enroll your child in junior school junior school? If you want them to master the English language junior school UK and receive a quality education, junior school is the best choice for your child.

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