BizClip claims Google, Airlines & SMBs of the world will benefit from SkyClip

BizClip, the global leader in online video advertising and provider to some of the largest directories and media companies around the world is proud to introduce SkyClip. SkyClip is a revolutionary new medium and distribution channel designed specifically for small to medium businesses (SMBs), search engines and the travel industry.

The idea behind this model is very simple – Passengers can ‘Fly, Watch and Save!’ SkyClip is an informative video about the destination in which the passengers are traveling to. These video clips are accompanied by short advertising spots from the local SMBs in the surrounding area. The mission of SkyClip is to merge the airline industry with tourism boards and SMBs of interest to travelers. The SkyClip offering will unite the travel industry worldwide.

This model is so promising that it will push most airlines to carry in-flight entertainment modules. Airlines may also be able to offer free flights, or at the minimum, subsidize fees for other services such as WiFi internet connection. SkyClip is a perfect fit for the ailing airline industry. It is one of the most anticipated distribution channels to hit the airways.
“The rationale is simple” says CEO Moe Masoudi. “There are screens right in front of us and when the In-flight entertainment has ended, this is an ideal time for airlines to capitalize on advertising dollars, while at the same time exciting travelers about their destinations with videos showcasing popular tourist spots, as well as great places for food, shopping and entertainment. Furthermore, the opportunity for travelers to access free internet at anytime during the flight by simply watching these showcasing videos is also a tremendous benefit.”

COO Vincent Genuardi is proud to add SkyClip to the already impressive list of products and services BizClip currently offers. “We have positioned ourselves as a one-stop-shop for all channels of video distribution, from online to mobile and now into the skies, where it appears that the opportunities are limitless. In fact this is something that Google, Yahoo, Bing and company could tap into in their efforts to extend their distribution outlets. We believe that our services can enhance a connection to the business advertising pipeline.” Besides distribution, BizClip also meets a wide range of individual needs, by offering various models of video production, from a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ to a ‘Do-It-For-You’ platform and everything in between.

BizClip is now negotiating with several Airlines to launch the SkyClip service.

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