20 Reasons to choose NetApp for Virtualization

logo-majenta1. NetApp does for Storage Virtualization what VMware does for Server Virtualization. It manages all the complexities of the underlying hardware, by simplifying things. They are a perfect match.
2. NetApp provides management and integration with VMware via VM Insight, SMVI and RCU.
3. NetApp provides seamless Disaster Recovery integration with VMware SRM.
4. NetApp continue to provide outstanding storage value to VMware virtualized environments, even with upcoming changes in VMware 4.0.
5. NetApp provides management integration with Citrix / Xen via the Citrix Storage Delivery Service Adapter, which led to NetApp’s storage for virtualized environments being named the 2008 Citrix Solution of the Year.
6. NetApp has referencable, customers deploying virtualized storage for VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix and Oracle VM environments. It underscores their commitment to provide world-class, industry-standard solutions to all virtualized customer needs.
7. NetApp is the only vendor that provides De-Duplication on primary storage for virtualized environments. This is critical for virtual machines, as VM files are nearly identical across machines, and the storage savings from De Duplication is typically greater than 75%.
8. The NetApp Performance Accelerator Module and Intelligent Caching features in ONTAP 7.3.1 provides outstanding performance and protection of Boot Storms and Login Storms in Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI). TR-3705 (this TR needs a clicky link) provides more details.
9. NetApp will be also integrating with the upcoming VMware vStorage API.
10. NetApp Snapshots provide an outstanding way to solve the problem of 60% backup failures after moving to virtualized environments.
11. You can quickly see how efficient your NetApp storage will be in a virtualized environment by using the Storage Efficiency Calculator.
12. The argument about “what is a real SAN” or “what is a real LUN” becomes irrelevant once you virtualized, because they becomes files at that point, VMDK or VHD files. NetApp has been saying this for years, with ONTAP virtualizing all the complexity.
13. Disaster Recovery becomes much easier when you virtualized, because the virtual-machines don’t have the hardware dependencies between sites. NetApp ONTAP has been providing this for years, with all platforms running ONTAP (consistent configuration and management), and working consistently across disk types. Once again, NetApp plus virtualization is a perfect match.
14. While virtualization provides greater flexibility, it could also add more risk to densely consolidating virtual environments, if not planned properly. Consolidating 4:1 to 10:1 on the server side means 4x to 10x the risk if a physical server fails. Reduce that risk by using NetApp RAID-DP, which provides the storage efficiency of RAID-5, with the protection of RAID-10.
15. NetApp storage works seamlessly with VMware V-Motion, XenServer XenMotion, and Hyper-V Quick-Migration.
16. Many customers are using VMware Storage VMotion to migrate from legacy storage to NetApp storage for their virtualized environments.
17. For customers migrating from Citrix MetaFrame to Citrix XenApp, which is virtualized on XenServer, NetApp is the perfect choice for the new shared storage requirements.
18. NetApp Thin Provisioning, FlexClones and DeDuplication are a great way to rapidly create and replicate 100s or 1000s or VMs in minutes, for rapid or large scale virtualized deployments.
19. NetApp MetroCluster provides an integrated High Availability solution for VMware virtualized environments.
20. At the end of the day, in this economy, saving money is at the top of everyone’s priority list. Does your Storage vendor guarantee that you’ll meet your top priorities? NetApp will.

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  1. zAchEr

    Quite a noteworthy list you got here. This makes me want to check this out just to make sure its not better than VMware View. As what they always say, “the more the merrier” for consumers.