Gate2Shop (G2S) partners with Payment Network AG

As the financial tribulations span the globe, Gate2Shop continues to expand the solutions to provide the needed alternatives to e-commerce vendors worldwide. Gate2Shop takes time to listen to what the industry needs and develops relationships and partnerships with the institutions to acquire then necessary services for our vendors.

The latest payment option added to the Gate2Shop portfolio is DIRECTebanking(dot)com through Payment Network AG. DIRECTebanking(dot)com is a new and TÜV certified online payment system based on the proven online banking system with PIN/TAN entry for a secure and fast processing of your online shopping. DIRECTebanking(dot)com is the most popular Online Banking payment method used in Germany already and has more than 10,000 merchants currently using this payment method.

Advantages of DIRECTebanking(dot)com:

•Fast – Immediate dispatch of warehouse stock.

•Comfortable – Immediately after finalizing your order, you can carry out the remittance transfer. Repetitive visits to your bank’s website are no longer needed. That saves time!

•Convenient – The data needed for your transaction is already entered on the form (invoice amount, payment recipient, order number, etc.).

With, Payment Network AG offers a secure payment service in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the Netherlands, and it can be used by approximately 77 million customers with an online compatible bank account, without the need for any additional registration. The direct money transfer system can be integrated into a respective shop with a minimum of difficulty thanks to the numerous prepared shop interface modules.

Providing additional solutions to each and every vendor is what keeps Gate2Shop a step ahead of the competition and providing excellent customer service is what it does best. With this partnership Gate2Shop opens a continuously growing e-commerce market to vendors throughout the world with localized payment methods and options.

By providing e-commerce solutions that extend globally Gate2Shop is able to offer vendors the needed service multiple currencies with weekly payouts. All of these options are offered to each and every vendor without additional fees.

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