Yamaha Motor CIS and AXELOT: 4 years of successful cooperation

1204-обработано-copyYamaha Motor CIS – Russian distributor of Yamaha Motor Company, the world’s leader in the market of motor vehicles, – has been distributing motorbikes, snowmobiles, boat engines, all terrain vehicles and spare parts for over 3 years. In 2005 Yamaha Motor CIS began working according to a long-term plan in a new market and started with detailed formalization of business processes and implementation of integrated information system launched on a step-by-step basis and developed according to Russia-specific business activities.

The first project stage was focused on providing prompt shipping of inventory from a warehouse into a distribution channel. 1C:Enterprise was selected as a technology platform for business applications. AXELOT, one of the most experienced developers of logistic software in Russia, was responsible for the automation of business activities for Yamaha Motor CIS. At the end of 2005 AXELOT implemented the warehouse management system, and on January 1st, 2006 Yamaha Motor CIS started shipping products in Russia and CIS countries.

AXELOT proved itself as a competent and reliable company and became Yamaha Motor CIS’ long-term IT-partner. Their cooperation was expanded by automation of trading activities. 1C:Trade Management solution was implemented and data exchange interface between WMS and Trade Management system was set up in 2006. At the next stage AXELOT automated bookkeeping and tax accounting using 1C:Accounting boxed solution, and HR management and payroll calculation using 1C:Payroll and HR Management. AXELOT developed and installed data exchange interface between 1C:Trade Management and PROPAC and Rewards programs used in Japan and in other foreign companies belonging to Yamaha Motor group. AXELOT team`s qualification level allowed to efficiently deal with English-language documents related to management consulting, accounting, tax, Payroll&HR, logistics and IT technologies. In order to make the work of Yamaha Motor CIS managers more convenient AXELOT developed an interface in English and Russian for the system based on 1C:Trade Management. Project reports were also run in both languages.

Active market policy of the Russian distributor, ever-growing sales and changing competition environment result in information systems being dynamically developed and functionally compliant with regularly updated processes. AXELOT performed one by one implementation of accounting and management systems and re-engineering of Yamaha Motor CIS` business operations that were designed and customized based on the features of 1C:Enterprise solutions. The result of AXELOT project is a unique automation system supporting business activities of Yamaha Motor CIS. Audits performed by Yamaha Motor CIS and Ernst&Young confirmed that the system developed by AXELOT fully corresponds with the company`s requirements.

“Experience and qualification of AXELOT specialists meet our IT development strategy of the Russian Yamaha. We have seen it many times during our long-term cooperation. In our opinion, AXELOT is an excellent Russian company that clearly understands and shares our global business approach and Japanese management peculiarities communicating with us using generally accepted language of project technologies in compliance with international quality standards”, – says Mr. Akimoto Atsushi, project curator.

Cooperation between Yamaha Motor CIS and AXELOT is an ongoing process. Over 50 workplaces have been automated so far. AXELOT team promptly performs all updates resulting from changes to business operations. Integrated system developed by AXELOT has proved to be one of the key tools used to ensure stable interaction between top managers, employees and customers of Yamaha Motor CIS.


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