Social Networking application credits Visual WebGUI’s platform

As it prepares to launch, credits Visual WebGUI with enabling it to both expedite the new social networking facility and keep the development costs incredibly low. For Visual WebGUI, the successful use of its platform by MyTimelineOnline was an important foray into the social networking arena.

“The news headlines about hacking and intrusion into personal or professional accounts on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are incomprehensible when there are known secure platforms that have been developed to protect the user. As the government enters cloud computing, social networking grows, and there increased talk of health databases and other very private information going on the cloud, even if they don’t choose my product, let companies choose a known security product, said Navot Peled, CEO of Gizmox, the parent company of Visual WebGUI.

Peled noted that the benefits of Visual WebGUI extend beyond the valuable security factor.

“When MyTimeLineOnline sought to create a social networking site with limited cash flow and a minimal staff, Visual WebGUI made it easy to create a completely AJAX’ed site without costing over $500,” said Navot Peled, CEO of Gizmox. MyTimeLineOnline claims that it was able to write an entire site with one part-time developer using Visual WebGUi. The expense and complexity of alternative technologies, such as Telerik, helped its selection of Visual WebGUI, but its technology that offers utmost security is what made Visual WebGUI the ideal choice for a social networking site.

On a final note, Peled noted that “As technology gets more creative, so do hackers. If you just put a lock on a safe, someone can pick it. You have to create the safe itself in a way that can’t be penetrated. We not only do that, but we offer something that helps cut costs and reduces manpower hours. It can simply change the face of social networking.”

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