More daylight in Iceland than in Florida

island_blueWhen people think of Iceland they usually imagine it being cold and dark and generally covered in ice. However, it is true that during the winter months it does get rather cold and daylight is scarce but Iceland more than makes up for it in the summer.

The capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik, has an average of 14.9 hours of daylight each day, which is more than in most places in the world and about two hours more than Miami in the sunny state of Florida. This is due to the fact that Iceland gains more daylight hours in the summer months, with the famous midnight sun, than is loses during the winter.

This kind of factual information about Iceland and much, much more can be found on the Visitor’s Guide website. The informative website is a comprehensive source about Iceland and visiting Iceland, containing useful information such as articles and pictures about Icelandic horses, whales, birds, the Northern Lights, Icelandic food and recipes and much more.

You can also browse or download the 200 page Visitor’s Guide Pocket Book that includes various information about Icelandic society and culture. It also has a number of good maps as well as detailed information about travelling in Iceland and advertisements from selected Icelandic companies. The goal of the book is to meet the needs and interests of visitors to Iceland.

The Visitor’s Guide can be viewed page by page on the website or downloaded and it is also possible to sign up for the Visitor’s Guide newsletter. The Visitor’s Guide website has recently opened similar websites for Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France and Spain.

To view the Visitor’s Guide and for more details and information about Iceland visit

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