Bed and Breakfast Website Prepares Lots of Events for Children in Need 2009

In the past year the team at have done some unusual things to raise money for Children in Need. In November 2008 they were all given £5 to go to the local charity shops and buy a complete outfit. This produced some considerably odd results!

One staff member bought a long skirt and chopped it in half to make a complete outfit, others found and bought fur coats and pyjamas. One even wore a Santa’s Helper outfit which she’d found for £4.99! Along with the clothing shenanigans all of the staff baked cakes and brought them in on the day. They sold them to each other and also to the local companies around the town on their lunch break. All in all £233 was raised for Children in Need. The year previous to this, in November 2007, it was a fancy dress day, and more cakes were sold, with staff members even braving the cold outside to flag down passing motorists outside their building in a successful attempt to sell cakes to them. Needless to say, some members of the public thought it was a great idea and they gave generously to the cause, however some thought the team were a group of mad people!

The B & B Directory team plan to continue the tradition this year, getting out and about to sell goodies on the roads around their building. Although the theme is yet to be decided you can bet it will be hilarious! If you see a group of oddly-dressed people on the road this November, please stop and donate!

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