TILT  the Individuals Labour Movement party candidate for the Glasgow By election, Dr Colin Campbell, said that Mr Brown’s Labour was out of touch with the labour movement and with people, in his new electoral address he urged all Labour especially on Remebrance day to keep Nazis, liars and militants out of Westminster and Government.

He said his free Labour movement TILT offered the best alternative to Brown’s Labour. He urged all voters in Glasgow North East to be true and uphold their Scottish and Labour and Scottish principles and to lodge their protest against Brown’s Labour by viting for the independent and individuals Labour movement TILT which put people before institutions and families above party politics.He stated that Brown’s Labour with a legacy of 1.5 trillion of personal debt .19 million of prty debt and about 900 billion of governement debt and expenses. He said we must end the cosy  two party and that Glasgow and Clydside shou
ld again as in the time of Independent Labour, Ramsay McDonald  and Keir Hardy send a clear message to the world and Westminster that people matter by voting for him TILT to free Labour.

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