Hotel Reykjavik offers sensational Northern Lights winter travel package

Northern Lights - IcelandAn average Icelandic winter is a Christmas wonderland, filled with blankets of snow and jolly festivities. Iceland’s standard winter temperature is around 0 degrees Celsius, which not only means a refreshing adventure but also the perfect Northern Lights conditions.

On a crisp, unclouded night you will be able to marvel at the glorious Northern Lights shimming across the heavens. These strips of colour are normally visible between September to April. The Northern lights are no doubt one of the most breathtaking visions in the world.

Renowned hotel in Icleand’s capital city, Hotel Reykjavik, has organised a sensational Northern Lights deal that cannot be missed. This impressive deal is comprised of a professional tour for two people run with experienced guides to search for the Northern Lights, a three-night stay at the comfortable Hotel Reykjavik, breakfast and welcome cocktails – a must for this winter.

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