launches five-star cakes delivery to India

Gifts have always been a sure-shot way in bringing a smile on the face of the person who receives them. Gifts complete an occasion like no other. In keeping with the trend, has launched a new method of bringing 5-star cakes to the doors of your loved ones.

Cakes are symbolic to a myriad of celebrations. Birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, cakes have manifested themselves from being just restricted to these occasion to now being the easiest way to say a “Hi” or “Hello” and are the first choice for saying “I am sorry.”  The 5-starred cakes available for gifting purposes encompass a wide range of flavours. Popular flavours include Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Black Forest. Complementing the flavours is the collection of various designs exclusive to 5-star hotels. The launch of this range is clearly aimed at people who want to truly make the occasion special for their loved ones staying in India. has created a method to bring exclusive cakes from prominent 5-star hotels like the Oberoi, The Taj, The Park Hotel, The Leela Palace straight onto the door of your  loved ones.

India has emerged to be the top financial destinations in the world. Many multi-national companies have set up bases paving the way for many Indians leaving for foreign destinations. They have to stay away from their loved months on end and so they often miss out on important family functions. Our company CEO, Mr.Amit Desai points out, ” Treating your loved ones exclusively has received a shot in the arm with the launch of premium cake gifting services to India.” along with it’s catering to over 400 destinations across India aims to bridge the gap making people close to each other by delivering beautifully crafted 5-star cakes on such occasions.

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