Ways to Reduce Your Poster Printing Costs

Max 350 to 450The Problem of All Businesses. All companies that use poster printing services usually print posters for years and, even despite using comparably cheap services, they spend lots of money. In this reference, we will try to define several ways of saving on your poster printing costs.

Consider printing at home. This is actually one of the easiest ways to save on costs. Having nice and simple design and a decent printer you can only invest in a full printer cartridge. You can use your digital camera to take several nice pictures and then scan other poster’s details, like logos, sponsors and other stuff. Then, you can improve the taken pictures by any of picture managing software, buy printer friendly paper and this is it. The last step is print out your posters.Consider printing smaller size posters. In case you think home printed posters are not acceptable, you should think about trimming down your poster’s size and order it at a printing company. Standard outdoor and indoor measures give maximum exposure, but they cost too much. Using 8.5*11 or bigger 11*17 letter sizes can be sufficient for your posters. But don’t forget to use eye catching design and colors to compensate small sizes of your posters.

Consider doing your own design. This is another effective way to save on your poster printing costs. You must know that if you hire a professional graphics designer will cost you a considerable sum. If you have certain knowledge in graphic design, you can simply do the design by yourself. Even rookies in design with just a passion for result can produce a considerably decent poster design. In case you don’t consider yourself strong at anything art related, you may attempt to use a template from a poster printing company, or download several templates from Internet for free or for a small price. There still remains a question about creativity, so if you don’t like what you get, try hiring a graphic design student. Their work is cheaper and they like to add things to their portfolios and CVs.

At last, if you truly want to reduce your expenses, you need to settle what you want to focus on – quantity or quality. In case you already have several targets in places with high traffic to put your poster at, you can simply print out several high quality posters and put them in these places. But, if you want to cover a wide area, then you should consider printing a big number of lower quality posters. In the last case, put most effort in graphic design and great number of posters in order to make your message noticed.

These are several ways of saving on your poster printing costs. It’s expensive to print them at printing companies, but knowing several tips like those mentioned, you can considerably save on them.

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