$300 Million Renewable Energy Plantations Fund to contribute to Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Plantation Capital are launching the Renewable Energy Fund to help Asia Plantation Capital develop upto 100 Megawatts of Dendro Thermal Power Stations fuelled by over 100,000 acres of renewable energy plantations.

Whilst the nations of the world are  meeting  in Copenhagen amidst speculation of arguments and disputes as to who has to pay  for climate change one company has already taken the initiative with the launch of a $300 million Renewable Energy Plantations  Fund  to be closely followed next year by an ambitious initiative to raise a $200 million Canopy Care Fund aimed at taking 191,000 Hectares of commercial Brazilian logging operation and turning it into a viable ecosystem based economy along the lines of Canopy Capital who launched a similar project in 2007 in Guyana.

Sender Name:                    Plantation Capital

Sender E-mail:                  pr@plantationcapital.co.uk

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