Celebrate Occasion with Free Greeting Cards at Fab Occasion

I remember few years back the most brilliant way used were tying a red ribbon around the finger. The ribbon symbolized a reminder or an unfinished chore, a task or an event. With the systems gradually evolving red ribbon were replaced by alarm, appointment diaries and reminder functions that are easy to use and operate.

But then you again forget your wedding anniversary?

Or much awaited appointment with the dentist?Dinner with friends which was decided before a month?

The time your daughter’s needs to be picked up from the tuitions are over?

(You answer your wife saying you were stuck in traffic or an important last minute meeting.)

The family function which your wife was looking forward to?

Oh you remembered……really….ok we believe you.

You would say why Fab occasion?? I would say because Fab occasion understands the common man’s dilemma that are faced with so many responsibilities, roles to play and work that they tend to forget the significant events. Forgetting is not an option; it can give rise to number of consequences in one’s life. It is this need where Fab Occasion helps you to remember all that you need to remember. It’s easy, free and comes with enough space to add details. Its Email remainder is one of a kind which also allows you to send Ecards, greeting cards and e greetings at the same time.

So Let Fab Occasion take the initiative to remind you these very important events that means a lot to you and your near and dear ones.


Sender Name:                    Fab Occasion

Sender E-mail:                  faboccasion.ecards@gmail.com

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