Keeping Mum from seeing student bank statements

Risks of parents opening student bank statements delivered to their home addresses when away at university can now be easily avoided using a new service that gives the ability to view your normal post online.

ScanMyPost users are given a ”service address” to use in place of a home address.  All post delivered to the service address is opened and scanned, and the student is advised of receipt by text message or email.  The post is then available to view online, at any time, from anywhere with internet access.Joint Managing Director Barry Stamp says, ”ScanMyPost gives students the ability to keep up-to-date with their normal post when away from home, wherever they are. Not only does this increase privacy of bank statements, students living in shared accommodation are particularly at risk of mail interception and identity fraud.  All of the clutter associated with normal post is also removed from the student environment.”

Aimed at anyone who needs to protect the privacy of their home address, or who has a need to view their post when away from home,  in addition to students, ScanMyPost has identified a wide number of potential users –  including expats, service personnel, travellers, separated and divorced people, absent landlords, carers and second home owners.

ScanMyPost also enables company directors to protect the privacy of their home address, following a change in the requirements of Companies House that came into effect from 1 October.

ScanMyPost is the latest venture from Credit Reporting Agency, the company behind checkmyfile ”which was the first company in both the UK and Australia to put credit reports online for consumers to see.  With over 1.7m existing customers and over 10 years” experience of handling sensitive data online,  it sees ScanMyPost as a natural extension of its secure online data processing capabilities.

The service is available on

For further information please contact Barry Stamp on 01872 308627

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