Eat the Coconut and Reduce Terrorists

Eat the Coconut and Reduce Terrorists by Daniel Escurel Occeno.They say we are from the heritage and culture and live the teachings of our ancestors.

The criminals causing the violence and murders in the regions in Mindanao must be from King Herod because killing children, scaring children, and preventing the education of the children in the regions are to prevent future development, a modern day Holy Innocents (Matthew, 2:16).

Movies on HBO about terrorists in Mindanao are even suggesting that the criminals are funded by wealthy Arab sheiks because how can they really survive in our jungles stealing from the poor? But it is not jealousy that Caesar Augustus will emplace a baby Jesus as King of Judea. It is to steal coconuts or copra to be turned into coco diesel and added to regular diesel to increase supply and prevent regular diesel from turning to jelly in freezing temperatures. There is that HOME HEATING OIL during the winter months.

A developed Mindanao and a prosperous Bicol Region especially by the Mayon Volcano and other mountains with wild coconuts growing automatically will be more difficult to control to steal the copra, old coconut meats dried by the sun and to be boiled to be oil (energy).

Increasing the consumption by eating the coconut that locals in Gubat try to do to reduce criminals from stealing the copra of landowners is a difficult task, but can be done. 100% coconut cooking oil and Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) marketed domestically and overseas is a start with local middlemen buying dried coconuts giving landowners extra income helps a local community from professional soldiers’ thievery because it reduces the supply for criminals.

Some in the province sell coconut vinegar. How about coconut oil-based salad dressings?

Eating young coconut meat and drinking the coconut juice as a daily consumption for those with a plantation would be recommended instead of saving it just for tourists and the use of coconut alcohol, as a disinfectant in cleaning products for schools and hospitals and households, would require a corporate or at the very least small manufacturing.

When we lived in Monett, Missouri; my mother asked me to drive her to an oriental store in Springfield to buy Filipino products. She bought several bottles of macapuno or coconut strings in syrup. She brought a bottle of macapuno to the local Dairy Queen in Monett and had Dairy Queen to mix the coconut strings in syrup with a half-gallon of soft-served vanilla ice cream. We had coconut ice cream for dessert.

(First published on 2009-12-28)

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