Crealy’s optimism for 2010 with increasing UK holiday bookings

Crealy’s £1.6million investment in new attractions looks set for success according to research showing 70% of people are likely to book a holiday in the UK this year.

Crealy Great Adventure Parks has invested in a tunnel and Roman re-theme on the rollercoaster, along with the UK’s first ever triple tube watercoaster complete with unique sound and lighting effects, plus a new nature trail where visitors can feed deer, explore treehouses and discover legendary tales of ogres and grufflegoats at Devon’s Crealy. In it’s sister attraction, Cornwall’s Crealy, a new sea monster rollercoaster, Morgawr, opens for May..

Both Devon’s Crealy and Cornwall’s Crealy also offer accommodation. Bookings at the campsite at Devon’s Crealy are already up on last year, with pitches booked every day during August. At Cornwall’s Crealy the five star holiday homes are now fully booked between April and September.

The recent research by BDRC Continental has bolstered Crealy’s optimism of 2010 being a successful season, particularly the report that 39% are seriously considering taking their main holiday in the UK, a 10% increase since 2000.

Angela Wright, MBE, Managing Director of Crealy said, ”This is fantastic news for the South West as a whole as Devon and Cornwall are the country’s most popular holiday destinations due to their safe, clean and beautiful beaches, unspoilt countryside and wealth of quality, local food and drink.

‘Accommodation in the region is also improving and it’s great that this research shows that people are recognising this with 31% agreeing that the UK is becoming more appealing as a destination – this is a 12% increase over two years. The efforts to increase quality in the region are paying off.’

For Crealy, the results of the research are encouraging especially the prominence of family bookings with 21% having already booked a UK holiday for this year.  BDRC Continental say that the increasing strength of the euro and a disillusion with air travel are at the root of this sustained appeal.

Steve Mills of BDRC said: ”The UK holiday industry stumbled upon a huge opportunity in 2009 to demonstrate what it can offer to a lost generation of holidaymakers. The good news is more and more people are deciding to holiday at home again this year and are enjoying re-discovering what”s on their own doorstep.

‘The acid test will be when sterling strengthens, particularly against the euro. The UK tourism industry needs to continue to focus on delivering two key components to ensure it takes full advantage of this trend and makes Britain the destination of choice in the future – and they are value for money and quality of service.’

Tourism in East Devon is worth £250m each year, with 8,500 jobs related to tourism spending and 17% of employment supported by tourism.  Tourism is also valued for providing an essential “shop window’ for the county’s farmers, growers and manufacturers.

For further information about visiting or staying at Crealy visit <> or telephone 01395 233200.

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