Web 3.0 Welcome to Smart search age

Suppose you want to go to a movie and a place for dinning- The coming era of of Web 3.0 will make it easier for me to find a nearest movie hall along with a good restaurant. The next generation of the Web ” Web 3.0 ”will make tasks like your search for movies and food faster and easier.

Instead of multiple searches, you might type a complex sentence or two in your Web 3.0 browser, and the Web will do the rest. In our example, you could type ”I want to see a funny movie and then eat at a good Mexican restaurant. What are my options?” The Web 3.0 browser will analyze your response, search the Internet for all possible answers, and then organize the results for you. That’s not all, the Web 3.0 browser will act like a personal assistant. As you search the Web, the browser stores your preferences. The more you surf, the more your browser learns about you and the less specific you’ll need to be with your questions. Eventually you might be able to ask your browser open questions like “where should I go for lunch?” Your browser would consult its records of what you like and dislike, take into account your current location and then suggest a list of restaurants.

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