Get cargo scrubs that come directly from the manufacturer.

A new company is offering scrubs directly from the manufacturer.  You can get cargo scrubs directly from the manufacturer.

Raleigh, NC( February 9, 2010.  Did you know that you are paying full price for cargo scrubs?  Why not cut out the middleman who makes an insane profit.  Buy direct and save lots of money.  That money you can put towards your mortgage, pay off your debt, or buy a new car! Many consumers are paying retail price upwards into $40.00 for cargo scrubs.   Most people believe that there is no alternative.  They don’t believe that they can save money.  They don’t know where to go to get scrubs at a fraction of the price.  Most people believe that people can only buy scrubs at the retail store.  Not so, as you may realize now the power of the internet.  Internet has made it easier to search and connect directly with the manufacturer.  Since the manufacturer has no marketing costs, or having the overhead of a brick and mortar location, you can rest assure that this is a win-win situation for the consumer as well as the supplier.

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