Icelandair reopen summer flights to Minneapolis

Minneapolis SkylineThe new flights to Minneapolis schedule by Icelandair is set to reopen between May 11th and October 9th, in time for the summer in Iceland. These flights will also be on a daily basis between June 13th and August 22nd to Minneapolis’ St. Paul airport.

Iceland’s incredible location, just outside the Arctic Circle, results in constant daylight during the summer months. This unique experience is not to be missed, as Iceland turns into a 24/7 hub of entertainment set in a backdrop of breathtaking scenery.

Icelandair offers continuous flights to Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport from Seattle, Boston, New York-JFK and seasonal services from Minneapolis-St.Paul, Orlando-Sanford, Toronto and Halifax. Keflavik Airport is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and quality duty free shopping area.

Furthermore, over 20 destinations are also available across Continental Europe, the UK and Scandinavia through connections to Keflavik International Airport with Icelandair.

Details regarding flights to Minneapolis via Keflavik International Airport, as well as flights to Iceland can be found at

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