Boosting sales and traffic with professional online marketing

Professional online marketing has boosted sales and traffic for several client web sites managed by Sebastopol Publishing (

The writing, design and SEO firm has seen clients profit from winning hundreds of new customers and sales directly linked to successful online marketing campaigns.So other businesses can share in their success, Sebastopol Publishing has put together a free download about successful online marketing for business, available from the firm’s web site.

”These are measurable, money-in-the-bank results achieved from more or less a standing start with some clients” said Steve Sims, a bestselling author and professional journalist who runs Sebastopol Publishing.

”We want to show businesses that building a successful online marketing program does not have to cost a fortune and is within the grasp of firm’s with a modest marketing budget if the money is spent in the right places and backed up with great customer service and competitive pricing.”
Sebastopol Publishing clients have reported significant online results boosting their sales:

–    A magazine publishing on and offline has netted 300 new subscribers in a few weeks” a huge 10% increase when the database had remained static for some time

–    Several firms now rank on the first page of Google’s organic searches for their nominated key words

–    A local letting agency is reporting a massive surge in business from building a web presence from a standing start at the beginning of the year

Online marketing techniques that have led to better online results include on-page search engine optimisation (SEO); writing news, articles and press releases for  client web sites and directory submission and building email list from newsletter sign ups with free download ”link bait”.

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