Iceland enterprise park set to open bariatric and weight loss surgery facility

asbru_iceland_19A new hospital facility specialising in bariatric surgery and weight loss surgery is preparing to undergo developments in the second quarter of 2010 at the Asbru Enterprise Park in Iceland.

The hospital will accommodate around 35 hospital beds, three operating theatres and have ability of treating up to 4,000 patients per year. The hospital facility at the Asbru Enterprise Park, situated near Keflavik International Airport, will specialise in weight loss surgery, bariatric surgery and gastric bypass surgery.

Due to the close proximity with Keflavik International Airport, Asbru Enterprise Park proves to be the perfect location for the hospital, alongside it’s already strong background in tourism. It is believed that up to 300 news jobs will be created by the development of the hospital, its related services and close tourism facilities.

In addition, the enterprise park also offers aviation training, Iceland’s first international data centre, geothermal research and academic programs at Keilir: Atlantic Center of Excellence. Asbru Enterprise Park is helping to push Iceland to the forefront of education, business development and entrepreneurship.

In 2006, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) abandoned its military base, leaving over 900 local people unemployed. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of the departure, the local population looked at the opportunities and consequently established the Asbru Enterprise Park.

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