Restaurant Magazine awards Noma ‘Best Restaurant in the World’ title

Noma Restaurant, CopenhagenThe Danish restaurant Noma was announced the ‘Best Restaurant in the World’ by the British publication Restaurant Magazine. The magazine releases a list of the best restaurants in the world annually and over recent years, Noma has steadily risen within the rankings.

Noma first appeared on the list in 2006 in 33rd position and throughout the years has steadily moved its way up the top 50 list. In 2007, Noma reached 15th place, a year later 10th place and last year jumped up into third place.

The Spanish restaurant elBulli located not far from Barcelona, dropped into second place after holding on to the top spot for the past three years. Ferran Adria, a caterer for elBulli, announced recently that the restaurant will be closing for two years from 2012. The Fat Duck in Berkshire, England trailed just behind in third place.

Noma is ideally located on Strandgade 89 in a house called Nord Atlantis which also accommodates the embassies for Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Norway. Noma is also the only Danish restaurant that holds two Michelin stars. Chef René Redzepi uses only Scandinavian produce to create beautiful dishes such as lamb, musk ox, berries, herbs, and seafood all prepared without heavy sauces or creams.

Those wishing to make a table reservation should expect a 2-3 month wait. Also, guests wanting to book a hotel near to Noma can book through

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