World Cup prizes to be won with Iceland international airport

World_cup_2010_logo65Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport gives you the chance to win prizes with its World Cup Football Championship 2010 competition. The competition focuses on participants predicting the World Cup playoffs with hundreds of prizes to be won including the grand prize, which is a 10-day self drive trip around Iceland.

During the competition, partakers will try to predict the results for each game, whoever predicts the correct results will be awarded with a number of points in relation to the odds on each game. The participant who achieves the highest total number of points wins the game.

Various prizes will be selected as the rounds in the World Cup progress, these prizes will be awarded to fans of Keflavik International Airport on Facebook. Prizes include, Keflavik International Airport football shirts, 66 Degree North parka jackets, Blue Lagoon products, Icelandic National Team football shirts and many other amazing gifts.

To sign-up visit registration is now open.

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