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FireShot-capture-news2Team Green Britain Bike Week has begun, promoting the importance of adopting a greener and healthier lifestyle. With numerous bike events taking place nationwide mingle trend conducted a representative survey to ask Brits if they would consider riding a bike or walking for everyday transport as opposed to a car in order to protect the environment.

Reassuringly almost a third claimed to already ride a bike or walk on a regular basis and another third said they would consider it. Currently 42% of the younger generation travel green but along with those who feel they are likely to, this figure could soon be well over 50%. A third of those with lower income regularly use green transport. Of those with higher income, 39% said they would not be switching to environmentally friendly transport compared to only a quarter of those with a lower level.

Parents were the least likely to be using green transport for everyday purposes, however, interestingly, they were the most likely to consider a change in this area of their lifestyle with 37% compared to only a quarter of those without children.

The results show that Brits could be well on the way to adopting environmentally friendly and healthier modes of transport. Furthermore, with the interest among parents this could be something which is passed on to future generations to create a greener Britain.

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