Compatible Transceivers Designed for Multi-Mode Fibers

GAO Fiber Optics (, a leading supplier of fiber optic transceivers, has added a series of 3Com compatible transceivers to its product line. They are fully compatible with 3Com transceivers. The transceivers are designed for multi-mode fiber (MMF) working at the wavelength of 850nm and are used in diverse network topologies. These hot-pluggable modules are intended to support SONET, Gigabit Ethernet,Fibre Channel and other communication standards.

These flexible 3Com compatible transceivers, model 3CFS91, can be used in conjunction with any SFP modules supported by 3Com devices. Each transceiver module connects the electrical circuitry of the module with optical or copper network and supports connections with patch cords with computer or UPC connectors. These wide range SFP-based modules provide powerful features for physical network connectivity including media converters, distance extenders, cross-connect, Ethernet switching and routing equipment, and wave division multiplexing solutions.

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