Software firm invent compelling way to view a city’s past

History buffs will now be able to travel back in time to see how Berlin’s landscape has changed over the past century, thanks to a fascinating piece of software which overlays historical maps and landmarks with those of the present day on a live Bing Maps platform.

Built entirely in Microsoft Silverlight, the unique TimeMap application, created by online mapping experts Shoothill, features four compelling maps from unique points in Berlin’s rich history, overlaid onto a present-day Bing Map.TimeMap Berlin (or Berlin ZeitKarte) has two novel features: a clever TimeScope facility which allows Users to move around the map and zoom into individual areas, and a TimeSlider tool which enables them to select the dates of maps they’d like to view.

The map was custom-built by Shoothill in partnership with, an archive of maps, and Culture to go GbR, an agency for mobile information, and will form an important part of their study and educational services.

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