Contract Steel Joist detailers, Steel Deck detailers, Design services

Outsource the time consuming work of detailing your steel joists, decks and girders at affordable cost!

Outsourcing Steel Detailing firm has over 10 years of experience detailing steel structures for mid-to-large size Steel fabricators in compliance with internationally recognized SJI & SDI standards. We strive to deliver accurate, dimensionally feasible and high quality Shop drawings on time. Find more details at http://www.outsourcingsteeldetailing.comWe can detail Open Web Steel Joist K-Series and Long-span and Deep Long-span Steel Joists, LH-Series and DLH-Series and have expertise in parallel, single and double, one and two way pitched chords.

We can detail Steel Roof, Composite Floor and Non-Composite Steel Form Decks as per the Steel Deck Institute (SDI) standards.

Drawings can be delivered in the following formats:

AutoCAD Drawings

DXF, DGN Files

PLT Files

PDF Files

TIFF Files

Advance Bill of Materials (in fabricator’s choice format)

Save 60% of your project costs by engaging us in Steel structure detailing assignments! Sample work is available at

Detailing process involve following steps:

Assign a steel detailer & project manager

Receive your contract files & guidelines

Detail joists, decks and girders as per specifications

Check drawings before submission to the EoR for approval

Clarify, coordinate and re-check all the details before final submittal

Ready drawings as final fabrication package

Get cost-effective services in the field of:

Structural steel

Miscellaneous steel

Staircases, Joist, Handrails

Pre Engineering Building (PEB)

Pre-cast Panel Layout

You can get quotes by job, sheet or man-hour basis. Email us at for free estimates.

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