Former clamper welcomes the wheel clamping ban

Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd ( Press Release 17/08/2010.

In response to the Clamping Ban announcement today and further to many calls from the press and concerned landowners, Costas Constantino Director of Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd welcomes the end of the wheel clamping era and assures private landowners will still be able to protect their property by using an alternative solution.Mr Constantino had seen the writing on the wall and predicted that a Ban on Wheel clamping will be introduced in England similar to the ban introduced in Scotland in 1991. In order to provide their clients with an alternative solution to clamping, Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd has developed a new revolutionary service called FLASHPARK. This non-confrontational system allows private land owners to report vehicle parked unauthorised on their property almost instantly. It is based on a photographic evidence produced by a monitoring device, which is reported directly online at The state of the art system connects directly with the DVLA database, obtains the information of the registered keeper and a Parking Charge Notice is served by post supported by the above mentioned photographic evidence.

This new service has been tried and tested over the last 2 years and more than 1200 land owners are now enjoying the benefit of a quick, easy and non-confrontational way of reporting illegal parkers. All that is required to set-up this system is the purchase and display of British Parking Association approved warning notices which introduce the parking regulation on the private land. Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd who is a member of the British Parking Association Approved Operator Scheme, carefully vets and checks private properties before granting access to this exclusive online service.

Mr Constantino assures all concerned private landowners that their property will still be protected even without the use of wheel clamping service. The landowners would also be pleased to know that the FLASHPARK service is completely free of charge in comparison to the costs involved in hiring a clamping firm.

Notes to Editors

Vehicle Control Solutions Ltd has been operating in the parking enforcement industry since 2002. Their clients vary from individual private land owners to large organizations such as shopping centres, GP practices, district councils etc.

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