OPEC Mop Oil Recovery Machines Clean Up Polluted Ground Water

OPEC’s Mop Skimmers, www.opec.co.uk, are currently been used successfully to help clean up a large brownfield site in the UK to remove polluted hydrocarbons in the water table.

Traditionally boreholes are drilled and ground water is pumped and treated to remove hydrocarbons. By using the OPEC mop skimmers and ST5 gravity oily/water separators to transfer oils from the boreholes to 1000 IBC’s ready for collection. This is a big saving in man power and logistics of moving and treating polluted ground water in brownfield sites.

So far the machines are recovering more than 6000 litres per week of polluted hydrocarbons. In some cases the waste oils can be re-cycled and used for secondary fuel use in cement kilns and blast furnaces.

This is one of many successful applications of OPEC machinery used in this way to help clean up the environment.

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