Affordable DJ mixers from Why Buy New

The best in the business for affordable DJ mixers and other equipment to help you bag the right deals.

Legendary B Stock and display model site Why Buy New is making the most of unwanted Christmas gifts already, thanks to its brand new site section for affordable DJ mixers. The philosophy, as ever, is unbeatably simple. Why buy new when you could save hundreds of pounds on B Stock or never really used returned kit?

Shopping for DJ kit on Why Buy New can potentially save you enough money that you could even move up a level in the type of gear you buy going for top of the range stuff when you thought you only had the money to buy mid range, or going for the mid range when you were looking at paying budget price tags.

Why Buy New ( works like this: any item of modern, current DJ stock that cannot be sold by the manufacturer for full price, ends up at Why Buy New, where it gets sold at a massive discount. Why? Because the affordable DJ mixers, speakers, turntables and so on sold on the site are either ex display or B Stock (B Stock refers to DJ kit that has been used at trade shows, or that cannot be sold full price because it has no proper packaging). The original companies cannot sell the items as brand new, and so they sell them extremely cheaply to Why Buy New  which then sells them on to you.

There are some astonishing deals to be had across the board at Why Buy New and now, thanks to the introduction of a specific affordable DJ mixers section, budding party rockers can get the heart of their whole system for a lot less than they thought they would be able to. With top names and top models listing at mid range prices, you should definitely load up the site and see what it has on offer for you.

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