Party of a lifetime in Reykjavik: Stag, Hen and birthday ideas

With some of the best nightlife in the world, Reykjavik is a great place to visit for a thrilling holiday, as well as the perfect Stag, Hen and birthday party idea. Reykjavik is full of excitement and electricity with over 100 different bars, clubs and restaurants all within walking distance from each other. Reykjavik also boasts a flourishing music scene, where visitors are guaranteed to watch something suited to their tastes, and maybe experience something new.

To experience Reykjavik´s nightlife, Icelandair, Iceland’s leading airline, has introduced the Nightlife in Reykjavik package deal which includes flights, three nights accommodation and plenty of activities to kick start an evening. This package is designed to get visitors ready for what the locals call the ‘runtur’ (round tour) and provides plenty of time the following day for sleep or a trip to the ultimate hangover cure, the Blue Lagoon spa.

This package includes return flights from Manchester, London Heathrow, or Glasgow to Reykjavik, three nights accommodation and several pre-party activities. The night after arrival begins with an interactive comedic performance called ‘Let’s talk Iceland’, that gives unique insight into how modern-day Vikings party. This is followed by a 3-course dinner at Restaurant Reykjavik including entrance into the Ice Bar and a complimentary drink

The following night, partygoers are whisked away on a tour of the Egills brewery where they can sample Icelandic beers, and the infamous Brennivin, also known as Black Death. Adventurous souls can also try a new take on a brew loved by the Vikings. The tour has everyone back in the city centre in plenty of time to join the ‘runtur’.

To learn more about the Icelandair Nightlife in Reykjavik package deal, visit Travel is good until 31st December 2011.

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