Car rental company in Iceland launches new website

Car rental company in Iceland, Blue Car Rental has just updated its website with a more customer friendly layout and providing extensive information about the service, Icelandic mountain roads and basically everything a foreign driver needs to know about Iceland.

The updated website is a part of the Client’s Satisfaction campaign which the car rental started earlier this year. The new layout makes it easier for customers to navigate the website, find appropriate material and make the booking process more enjoyable. The company worked for several months gathering information and building maps which now have been posted to the new website.

New material includes:

a)    Helpful reviews for each car model in Our Cars
b)    Information about pick up and drop off locations offered
c)    Opening days of Icelandic mountain roads and a large map of those roads
d)    Places to see while traveling in Iceland
e)    Location map of Blue Car Rental Headquarters

Customers can also follow Blue Car Rental on Facebook or check out the car rental’s YouTube Channel and watch the Blue Car Rental Iceland video. The company knows how important it is for customers to have an easy access to their car rental service provider. Therefore customers can always reach Blue Car Rental by phone and all e-mails are replied to almost instantly and no later than within 12 hours.

Blue Car Rental was founded in 2010 and is located in Keflavik, Iceland. The company is a family business and offers service in that manner; customers experience is a top priority.

For further information about Blue Car Rental in Iceland, please visit

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