Launch of Waxing Poetic Jewellery in UK

Waxing Poetic jewellery and charms are designed in Los Olivos, California, by designer Patti Pagliei Simpson. She creates personalized jewellery for men and women, all reminiscent of the memento mori style, such as winged hearts, crosses and monogram charms to commemorate not only deaths but love, the birth of a child, graduation or other important events, in brass and sterling silver.

The Waxing Poetic aesthetic, combining a modern approach with the Victorian and Georgian tradition, represents that connection between heritage and personality which makes personal jewellery so popular. Recycled silver is used in up to 50% of the material they process in an effort to lessen the impact from mining.

Created by the process of lost wax casting which results in delicately detailed surfaces with raised letters or symbols , their jewellery and charms have a sense of history – like a small treasure found on a trip to a far away land.

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