Wide range of dredge ball joints introduced by Dredge Yard

In order to provide customer with the best suitable solution and lowest cost, Dredge Yard specialists designed the dredge ball joints in 6 different types, giving variations of tilting angle from 15 to 18 degrees and duties for operating from 10 bar to 30 bar.

Dredge Yard management has related that: “All measurements and tests are recorded in our database and our customers are welcome to witness any test in our production facilities”. Dredge Yard also offers the opportunity of choosing additional options for the production of dredge ball joint as they can be provided with welded pipe and flange execution, with gland liner, ball liner, extra or special lifting lungs or only with different type of locking.

Dredge Yard emphasizes on after sales and ensures total customer satisfaction delivering dredge related products with a high ratio of reliability and value for money.

All the details about the sizes can be found on Dredge Yard site www.dredgeyard.com.

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