PTP Offering Senior Management Skills Programme In The UK

PTP, a trusted name as a provider of business training courses in the UK, is conducting Senior Management Skills programmes throughout the country. The course is designed to aid delegates who wish to accelerate on their career path by helping them gain the skills that would be required. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) value of the course is 5.5 hours. Approved for CPD by the Law Society, it meets the national standards of professional education.

It is an excellent course for working managers who wish to further their career. It suits professionals who wish to enhance their management skills and career opportunities. It also helps existing managers decide whether they want to progress into a bigger role. The day could also be of interest to aspirational managers, who want to understand what is required to create a personal career action plan.

The programme includes a review of personal strengths, development areas and current behaviours. For growing as a manager, it is essential to cultivate the ability to develop and lead others with confidence. Trainers shed light as to how to encourage broader ownership of strategic tasks and objectives, and empower people to do the assigned tasks on themselves. The programme points out the differences between managers and leaders, and the ways to develop yourself as the latter.

The course provides an opportunity to assess current ability and identify personal behaviour, while operating in diverse situations. It gives tips on how to build productive relationships and create an environment that encourages ownership. It helps the delegates develop the ability to think differently and produce creativity, understanding the role of senior managers and progress as one.

The day long course commences with the introduction to course objectives. The next step is self evaluation, which includes a personal SWOT analysis to form the basis for a personal development plan. This is followed by a Building Relationships session suggesting how to create extraordinary relationships and work collaboratively to achieve results. The Empowerment and Ownership session focuses on enriching the roles of others by giving them the opportunity to play an active role rather than just following the seniors’ direction. It is followed by sessions such as ‘Achieve More Through Others’, ‘Thinking Creatively’, ‘Power and Influence’, ‘Manager or Leader’ and ‘Becoming A Leader’. The training concludes with a review of the day’s course and the creation of a personal action plan.

About PTP

Practical Training for Professionals (PTP), which came into being in 1991, provides customised management courses UK companies of global repute have hired PTP professional trainers to provide appropriate training to their staff. The company offers courses in marketing, finance & planning, customer care, personal development and management training. London and several other cities in the UK have venues where PTP offers the training courses.

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