New ‘physical’ air care product launches in Germany

Cleanaer™, the unique ‘physical’ air-care treatment that clears the air by suppressing airborne particulates, launched successfully to the German market at the 2011 CMS (Cleaning Management Services) Show in Berlin with SOLUTION Glöckner Vertriebs-GmbH.

The CMS Show, which took place recently was a very successful exhibition with more than 15,000 visitors attending. This figure shows an increase of visitors by approximately 10% compared to the previous CMS show in 2009.

SOLUTION Glöckner Marketing Manager, Silke Glöckner, said the exhibition was very successful, not only because it brought in more than 500 leads during the 4 day event. “One of the highlights at our booth was the Cleanaer air purifier / air freshener. It was the first time that we went public. People were very interested in this new kind of physical air cleaning. This type of air cleaning is totally new and exciting, so we had to answer a lot of questions.”

An odour-free version called “Allerg-STOP Cleanaer” was launched at the CMS show. Customers also indicated a demand for a perfumed version to resolve odour issues in bathrooms. “Our launch of Cleanaer was a big success”, concludes Silke.

SOLUTION Glöckner is the exclusive distributor of Cleanaer in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland. During the event they also promoted products including carpet and upholstery cleaning, stone cleaning, nanotechnology, sanitary cleaning, graffiti, odor neutralization, air purifier, and special products to wipe systems at the event.

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