Banish head lice with Linicin head lice treatments

Head lice can be an annoying and uncomfortable problem, especially for young children. They feed on blood from the scalp and love the warm, humid conditions close to your head. They most like to be situated behind the ears, along the hairline and at the back of the neck.

Head lice feed on blood which they suck through a needle-like feeding tube – this is not noticeable though. It’s the saliva or poo from the lice that can irritate and cause the itching. That’s when you’ll spot your child scratching! Other signs of head lice are (obviously) feeling something moving in the hair, red bite marks on the scalp, white nits on the scalp or in the hair (including empty nits) and crawling lice of course.

Head lice can however, be effectively treated using medicated lotions or by wet combing, using a specially designed head lice comb. The Linicin range, available online at, gives you everything you need to get rid of head lice and keep them away. The Linicin range includes a simple 15 minute head lice lotion that kills the lice and their larvae, and prevents the development of their head lice eggs too. Alternatively, there’s a head lice shampoo that is effective in a quick 10 minute treatment. Plus, there’s a head lice preventer spray which can stop you or your child from getting head lice in the first place.

Linicin 15 min Lotion contains 99% dimethicone, which blocks the lice’s uptake of oxygen, thus suffocating them. This form of treatment means that the head lice cannot build up any resistance to the product, unlike insecticidal treatments. Linicin 15 min Lotion is also suitable for the whole family and can be used on children from the age of 6 months, as well as by mothers during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.

Linicin 10 min Shampoo is an efficient, non-toxic and mild shampoo that eliminates head lice and impedes the development of nits. It is colourless with a neutral scent and can be used in adults and children from the age of two. Linicin 10 min Shampoo is easy to use, works within 10 minutes and is rinsed out using lukewarm water only. Treatment needs to be repeated after 9-10 days.

Linicin Prevent Spray is a head louse repellent, that prevents head lice infestation in an effective and safe way. It makes your hair ‘invisible’ to head lice. Linicin Prevent Spray can be used on adults and children from the age of two. Linicin Prevent Spray is non-toxic and does not contain any insecticides so is safe to use every day during high risk periods. The spray is mild and colourless with a neutral scent; simply spray onto dry hair, no need to rinse out. is a leading UK online pharmacy and is Royal Pharmaceutical Society registered. supplies thousands of top brand medicines and offers exceptional value for vitamins, health supplements, skincare, beauty, baby, sexual health and mobility products at superb prices. Trust and use for new and repeat orders of Ensure, Fortisip, Vichy, Bio-Oil, glucosamine and Omega-3. always provides fast, discrete shipping with DHL and Royal mail with great customer service for any pharmacy enquiries.

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