Explore the Finest Royal Palaces of London on New Year’s Day

Kensington Palace has been a regal dwelling for over 300 years. The exquisite State Apartments and the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, which includes dresses worn by HM Queen Elizabeth II and Diana, Princess of Wales, are open to the public and well worth delving into on New Year’s Day in London.

Kensington Palace used to function as an exquisite home to some of the UK’s most illustrious kings and queens. It served as the location for many extraordinary events in a regal past.Initially a private country house, it was modified to something more befitting of a royal dwelling by the eminent architect Sir Christopher Wren in 1689.

Over the following 70 years the palace was at the core of the life and government of the kingdom. Even up until the 19th century it held particular resonance in the cultural consciousness as the birthplace and childhood home of Queen Victoria.Yet more recently, Kensington’s most well known occupant was Diana, Princess of Wales who lived in apartments in the sumptuous palace between the years 1981-1997.

All in all, Kensington Palace is certainly a beguiling landmark to explore.  It has played a vital role in imperial history and is an exceptionally popular attraction for visitors.  Uncover the charms of Kensington Palace for yourself. Explore its enthralling Enchanted Palace for a London sightseeing tour you will never forget.

Ensure you take a break from your in-depth exploration of grandiose Kensignton Palace with a visit to its Orangery. Originally built for Queen Anne in 1705 by Nicholas Hawksmoor – who was more famous for the churches he designed – this is a genuinely extraordinary venue. It happens to be home to one of the very finest selections of tea in London, with over ten different flavours to choose from.  Or, perhaps even savour some pink champagne.

Hampton Court Palace is an equally entrancing landmark to explore. The ostentatious and in many ways infamous Tudor monarch, Henry VIII, is most closely related to this magnificent Palace. He spent inordinate amounts of money on stunning tapestries and majestic paintings and housed and fed an immense court.

The sheer opulence of the Palace is certainly ample testament to his legacy. Traverse the 60 acres of pristine, flawless gardens that run alongside the River Thames, and test yourself against the snaking, meandering paths of the world renowned maze at the Palace, which encompasses over 1,350 square metres. Become enthralled by the many courtyards and cloisters of the Palace, and compelled by the fascinating tales of the Palace’s 500 year history, narrated entertainingly and thrillingly by guides.

Take a London open top bus tour to either Hampton Court Palace or Kensington Palace on New Year’s Day, for a captivating experience. Make your Christmas Day Tours truly memorable: become enthralled by these enchanting landmarks, which hold their own amongst the most extraordinary palaces in the capital.

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