A pallet jack scale – a thoughtful innovation

When the digital scales first arrived on the scene they unleashed a flood of creativity because new possibilities emerged thanks to the new strain gauge based digital scale technology. The strain gauge made a big difference. Earlier if the weighing scale had to measure large weights it was required to have a large and strong mechanical set up that could bear the heavy load and then measure it. Strain gauges are in comparison a very elegant solution. They work on the principle that the resistance of a wire changes when it is subjected to a load and bends. Therefore when a heavy object is placed on the strain gauge, by measuring the change in the resistance the applied load can be calculated. Now instead of a complicated mechanical device all that is required is a piece of wire. And that too is not used in an elong ated manner but is made compact by folding it into a zigzag pattern.

Once the size of the basic device for measuring the weight became so small it became possible to have it mounted on devices that were doing other work with the objects to be weighed. And that led to the invention of the pallet jack scale. Of course within the small size there is a lot of scope for things to go wrong as well and therefore at the heart of a great weighing scale is a great strain gauge. For different weight ranges they are made of different materials.

Though of course for an innovative product such as a pallet jack scale the innovation does not end with the availability of a digital weighing method. They also need to be free from vibrations even as they are lifting a heavy load. This requires that they have great engineering of the lifting mechanism as well which can keep the vibration levels within acceptable limits.

Today though you need not get into the details of a scale to be sure it is of high quality all you need to do is to go in for an NTEP scale which has been certified to perform well for a long time. You can see the latest pallet jack scales at www.paylessscales.com.

About Author:
Lawrence Denisson

Lawrence has been in the weighing machines industry for the last 14 years. He has been interested in the penetration of digital scales across various market segments. His special area of interest has been maximizing the value proposition of a digital scale. You can know about a pallet jack scale & other digital scales at www.paylessscales.com.

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