Apple iPhone 4S 64GB Factory Unlocked Phones With Many Astounding Features Impress Gadget Lovers

The latest buzz among the smart phone lovers is Apple iPhone 4S 64GB. There is a lot of anticipation among the mobile phone lovers and new gadget lovers when it comes to the 64GB iPhone 4S.

Everyone wants to own this device because the latest version of Apple iPhone 4S 64 GB comes with power packed features which no other smart phone offers. Apple iPhone factory unlocked devices are available in the market which gives the customers great freedom to choose the mobile service providers. iPhone 4S 64 GB comes with many astonishing features.

Today it is not uncommon to see mobile devices with huge hard disk space. Along these lines Apple iPhone 4S comes with massive 64 GB space for users to store loads of favorite stuff. Users will be able to store thousands of songs, hundreds of movies and have loads of other applications installed without slowing down the phone. Other top features of the Apple iPhone include 8 Mega Pixel camera with full 1080p recording facility.

Another cool feature of iPhone 4s is the Siri Voice Assistant. Users can talk to your iPhone like you talk to a human person. A lot of things can be accomplished with the iPhone 4s using voice such as making calls, sending messages, even create reminders. Users can speak naturally and Siri Voice Assistant will understand. Apple iPhone 4S is of course a 3 G phone with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology.

This phone also comes with assisted GPS and compass. The display is very striking as it uses the latest Retina display technology. The display and the phone comes with finger print resistant oleophobic coating on front as well as the back keeping the phone free from ugly finger print marks.

Another great advantage is that the screen can support multiple languages and characters at the same time. Though there are other 8 MP camera phones already in the market, iPhone 4s adds its own special touch by fine tuning the features. The camera comes with tap focus, face detection feature in still images, photo and video geotagging and more.

The design of course is the most popular iPhone design that has been the hall mark of the 3rd gen smart phones. iPhone 4S factory unlocked equipment promises 8 hours talk time in 3G and 14 hours talk time in 2G. Users can enjoy audio playback time of 40 hours and can be an ideal companion for long tr ips and journeys. The iPhone 4S factory unlocked box comes with iPhone, USB power adapter, Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic and Dock Connector to USB Cable.

Apple has worked on this latest version of the iPhone a great deal to ensure that iPhone lovers get unmatched experience with the new gadgets.

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