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Mark R. De Yoe, APLC, San Diego DUI defense attorney, has over 25 years of experience as a DUI defense attorney and understands how stressful, scary and confusing being involved with a DUI can be. As Mark’s website states, “he’s not an experienced DUI attorney, he is and extremely experienced DUI attorney.”

Mark R. De Yoe has seen it all, as far as DUI cases go: first second, third or fourth offense DUIs, felony DUIs, boating DUIs, military bas DUIS, errors in breath tests, underage DUIs, hit and runs, checkpoints, excessive speeds and reckless driving, medical conditions affecting breath test, possessions of controlled substances and so many scenarios. He knows the in and outs of all of the DUI laws and the rights of each of his clients and uses that knowledge to ease his clients confusions and frustrations. He uses his skills and experience to let his clients understand and know all of his or her rights, which more often than not, the client does not completely know.

He also uses that knowledge to help win his clients cases. Mr. De Yoe also provides information and counseling for post-sentencing and offers information to help some get there conviction removed without having to pay any fees for a lawyer.

While many San Diego DUI defense attorneys charge countless fees for everything from the initial consultation to each hearing and everything in between, Mark R De Yoe offers free initial consultation. Because of the urgency in most DUI cases, he also makes himself available at night and on the weekends to help his clients.

On Mark’s website you will find many reviews from many of his clients from the past 25 years. In these reviews, some of his clients mention some of their difficult circumstances and how Mark R. De Yoe was able to help them. Many clients just stated how professional and compassionate he was towards them no matter the circumstance.

Mark R. De Yoe is dedicated to each and every case that he deals with. He believes that everyone his or her own story and needs and treats every case as such, dedicating many hours and efforts to each client he works with. Mark R De Yoe is a DUI defense attorney that cares about each of his clients and his or her situation.

To see some of the reviews of many of his past clients from the past 25 years you can visit Mark’s website at

To Contact the Law Office of Mark R. De Yoe, APLC:
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