Solution for Leveling Your Floors

House Lifting may also be called as home foundation repair, house leveling, floor leveling, house jacking or house raising. House Lifting is defined as the process of lifting your house beyond the flood protection elevation level.

The floor of the house must be elevated to its best original position previous to the foundation having moved or shifted. Safety hazards can be created if there is any uneven or settled concrete floor. It is not only dangerous but also decreases the value of the property. So you need an everlasting answer to re-leveling your floor.

The everlasting answer could be the process of concrete leveling of a house. It may include the following; the Slab Separation and Lowest Floor Elevation from Southern Elevation & Shoring Inc. use an engineered method to resolve flood problems in the most cost-effective way.

Interior placement settlement is always due to mud or drainage environment. Some of the signs that your house might not be level anymore are: floor peeping, vigorous or having soft spots when walking and cracks in your walls or doors/windows that don’t open and shut properly. In view of the fact these deviations are site-particular, reserve a foundation inspection by our proficient inspectors who will assess and offer you with the correct & everlasting solution.

House Leveling provides you with the flooding that are either significantly minimized or totally eliminated. If your home is damaged by a flood then you can look forward to your concrete floor to be level and stabilized. Basement floor leveling is rapid and simple. If you are affected by flooding or could suspect a flooding problem, main thing you have to do is to contact a house lifting contractors.

We at Southern Elevation & Shoring Inc. specialize in lifting your home in the safest and most efficient method. We own the best equipment available for raising homes such as a $200,000 truck mounted hydraulic jacking system. This method allows raising the entire home smoothly, virtually eliminating the cracks and other associated problems.

Leveling your foundation could be costly. But don’t worry about the cost. You could be eligible for Parish Funding if your home meets flood damage requirements. Southern Elevation & Shoring Inc. offers you the following grants based on certain criteria’s,

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