Get smart for the sake of country

The paper bags were mainly introduced as the substituent for the plastic bags. The plastic bags had affected every person some or the other way, and it was very necessary to search for the other option. Thus, the paper bags were introduced. Theses bags are made up of cellulose, which is obtained from the trees. It is a natural product and very easily made.

However, to make the bags, the cellulose is processed; few additives and other chemicals are added into it to make it more strong, resistant and durable. The normal paper bags are very weak, and may get tore of even by a slight weight, but not the processed paper bags. These bags are also light in weight and very handy. The only thing required is to improve its marketing so that people come to know its advantage and versatility. People had shown great interest in using such biological and environmental friendly bags, but yet people haven’t forgotten the plastic. It has taken so deep place in their heart or mind, that nothing can affect their mind or thinking process.

Till date, the plastic products are used and not only that they are also being encouraged. The most abundantly used one is the plastic scoop. These scoops are made for the perfect weighing of any material. Whether solid or liquid, the substance is weighed accurately by using such scoops. But, the question arises in mind that why only plastic is used for making such useful scoops? The answer to this is that the plastic is very inert. It does not react with any thing and so not even affect the quality of substance which is being weighed. Along with it, plastic surface is very smooth, and so the substance does not stick to it. The main advantage is that complete and accurate weigh is done and proper addition is made possible.

Whether paper or plastic is to be used, this decision can be made only by the general public. The future of the world is in the hand of the general public. If the usage of plastic is continued then our further generation would not be able to see the beautiful life. This thing has to be understood and then decision is to be made further. No one wants to use plastic, but it has become so deep necessity that removing it from the life is getting very difficult. The work is difficult, but not impossible. For the sake of planet earth, the mind has to be changed.

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