I Coloniali Range Gets New UK Distributor Making It Readily Available At MadMolly

From March 2012 the I Coloniali range will have a new distributor for the UK market, making it readily available once again to those who love it, and those who would like to try it.

For many months before March 2012 the I Coloniali range was not reliably available in the United Kingdom. However a new UK distributor has been appointed and once again the range will be fully available.

About I Coloniali

The I Coloniali product line was introduced by J & E Atkinsons. Established in 1799, J & E Atkinsons have long been famous for their line of fine perfumes and toilet preparations, as toiletries were known as in those days.

Today the much sought after I Coloniali range contains Oriental ingredients from various natural environments, making the range renowned for special healing and cleansing properties. It is certainly a unique line of products and those who use the range enjoy a wide range of benefits, depending on which products they use.The

I Coloniali range includes soaps, creams, bath oils, and other products. The soap includes the soothing properties of the nut found on the Illipe Tree. The scent is unique and spicy, but not overpowering. One of the body lotions includes ingredients from the Yuzu, a citrus fruit found in China that is used in religious rituals to drive away evil spirits. It helps to improve skin that is cracked or dry and leaves behind a soothing scent.

There are many products on the market who claim to bring benefits to the skin. Many charge high prices for products that do not come close to giving the same results found when using the I Coloniali line. Not only does I Coloniali pamper its customers, they also enhance the user’s well being at the same time.

Another special feature of I Coloniali is the way that each product is packaged. Every item is presented in natural and recycled metal, glass, or pottery. The soaps are wrapped in environmentally friendly brown paper.

One customer claims that I Coloniali products cannot be compared to anything else on the market that is so subtle or rich. The aromatic scents last a long time. Unlike other products, those from I Coloniali do not dry out sensitive skin.

I Coloniali For Men And Women

I Coloniali offers products for both men and women. They have created a niche in the skin care industry for individuals looking for gentle products that smell great, soothe, heal, and do not cost a fortune. Even though a user will feel as though they have entered the lap of luxury each time they use the products, they will be hit by the reality that they are actually in their own homes. It is evident that these products come highly recommended by the large amount of customers that return time and time again because of the effectiveness of the line and enjoyment from the unique characteristics of the aromas, ingredients, and packaging.

Where You Can Find I Coloniali

I Coloniali range and many more stylish gifts and accessories can be found at MadMolly.

MadMolly is proud to stock I Coloniali, which nestles amongst many other gorgeous product lines such as The Gourmet Trotter, Bombay Duck and many more besides.

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