Skweee Website Goes Online

Skweee is a new rapidly growing music sensation coming from the scandinavian countries of Sweden and Finland. The genre was originally created by artist “Pavan” and further defined and made popular by Kool DJ Dust AKA Daniel Savio. The genre was named “Skweee” because it is played like the DJs are literally squeezing as much sounds as they can out from the old school synths that they use Now, with the launch of, the music has begun to reach a further audience online through the new blog.

The new site about Skweee helps newcomers and veteran Skweee lovers alike get familiarized with the music and discover new songs and artists. The blog has an introductory page to help new listeners understand the origin and meaning of the music. Also, the site is updated frequently with new music and music videos to help others discover new songs and bands.

The Skweee blog was only just launched publicly online and is already a hit in the niche and getting shared around the web on social communities. Skweee music has only been around for a few years and at the rate it is growing, it should become much more popular. This would be made easier if it’s influence on Dubstep, a wildly popular and now mainstream type of electronica, was better known.

Part of what does is update enthusiasts with new and already classic songs by Skweee artists. Artists such as Daniel Savio are frequently displayed and played on the song. Visitors can listen to the music for free and find mp3 downloads as well. The blog is a great place for discovery and tracking the emergence of the very new genre of music. has just launched but the site has a long, bright future ahead. The music blog will continue to bring more news and coverage to the growing niche genre.

Visit to hear the new genre for the first time and listen to hit singles by varying Skweee artists.

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