Book Air Tickets Offers Best Deals and Special Discounts on Flight Tickets

Book Air Tickets, an online air tickets booking site offers best deals, special offers, discounts and low fares on flight tickets. They offer both domestic and international air tickets at low prices to meet the expectation of both national and international visitors.

“Having the highest 10-year growth potential, India will be a tourism hot-spot with from 2009 to 2018,” according to World Travel and Tourism Council.

In 2010, around 5,776,000 international tourists visited India. Among the different states, Kerala remains as a major hotspot for international tourists with around 140 three and two star hotels. In 2005, 7.2 million India nationals made international trips to other countries such as Maldives, Canada, USA, Malaysia, Singapore and more.

“India is a popular tourism hotspot for foreign visitors, attracting millions of tourists every year. Aside from international tourists, Indian nationals are also making both domestic and international trips to enjoy their vacations. With swift flight facilities, now moving around India is easier than before. However, tourists are unable to get low fares on air tickets according to their expectation and budget. To offer better savings for tourists on flight tickets, we have opened our online air tickets booking site through which tourists can book their air tickets with ease. We offer an extensive collection of special offers, deals and low fares for both domestic and international flights,” says a spokesperson for Book Air Tickets

Aside from international trips, most of the Indian nationals are fond of making domestic travels to enjoy their vacation. When it’s up to domestic tourism, Kerala and Tamil Nadu attract a large number of domestic tourists than other states. Before booking flight tickets, it is important to fix a convenient schedule to avoid last minute struggles. Usually, flight tickets are high during weekends. So, you need to book tickets during working days to get low fares on air tickets.

“To offer easy access to the right flights, we have advanced search tools that let you to search flights based on your expectation and budget. If you planning an international or domestic trip, book early to avoid unnecessary regrets later. You can get huge discounts for earlier booking and payments,” adds the spokesperson.

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