SkyDox Announced as AIIM Europe Trade Member

SkyDox, a leading provider of cloud-enabled file sharing, synchronization, storage, and collaboration tools, today announced that it has become a trade member of the global community of information professionals, AIIM Europe.

In an era of mobile, social, cloud, and big data, AIIM provides education, research, and certification for professionals seeking to manage and share information assets. AIIM is working with SkyDox to educate organizations on how to enhance multi-party collaboration, adhere to compliance mandates, and improve the efficiency of the entire collaborative process. To this end, AIIM previously hosted two educational webinars in conjunction with SkyDox: Escape the Boundaries of SharePoint for Wider Collaboration and Navigating a Changing Business Landscape: How to Enhance Your Collaboration Ecosystem. Based on the findings of a poll conducted by AIIM in the latter of the two webinars, SkyDox also produced a research report, Workforce Mobilization that identified the trends around free file sharing and its impact on corporate data security mandates.

SkyDox’s cloud-enabled file sharing and collaboration platform allows users to store, share, collaborate, and synchronize over 200 file types, driving team and individual productivity. Users can co-author and manage files and document-centric collaboration projects in the office, remotely, and through any browser-enabled device. The platform also delivers a range of social business tools, such as activity feeds, online meetings, presence indicators, and dynamic email alerts to users. SkyDox allows users to assign folder- and document-level access rights and permissions, designed to prevent the downloading or passing on of confidential files to another party without authorization. In addition, the ability to track file access and viewing at a page-level allows users to determine if, and when, the document was opened, with whom it was shared, and which pages attracted the most interest.

“Together, SkyDox and AIIM can ensure that information professionals understand the current and future challenges of meeting user requirements while adhering to data security policies in an environment where provisioning Bring Your Own Device culture (BYOD), workforce mobilization, and file sharing are becoming unavoidable. We believe our experience will be valuable to all members of the global AIIM community and anticipate building a strong relationship with AIIM Europe.”

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