Tourist safety in Iceland to be improved by 112 Iceland Smartphone application

Tourist safety in Iceland is to be improved by a new Smartphone application. The app, titled 112 Iceland, allows visitors to easily call for help if a mishap or accident was to occur.

The number of tourists visiting Iceland has been on the increase every year, with the majority visiting Iceland for its nature. It is well known that Icelandic nature can be harsh, people can suddenly find themselves in unexpected situations and plans can fail. When this happens, it is necessary to call for help quickly, and here 112 Iceland comes in handy.

In order to allay fears of safety, the new travel application gives visitors the chance to leave a trail of ‘bread crumbs’, which can make a huge difference if fears arise about the fate of travellers. The application runs using a standard mobile phone connection, which covers roughly 99 percent of the country.

Valitor, a leading acquiring service provider, developed the program in partnership with the software company, Stokk. It is intended to improve the safety of tourists visiting Iceland and strengthen the existing safety net. Neydarlinan (Emergency Hotline), ICE-SAR and the Civil Protection Department were also involved with this project. Valitor has provided its partners with the new program for free and thus supports their important work in safety and preventative measures.

It should be clearly noted that this software is not designed to replace other safety equipment, such as emergency locator beacons or radiotelephones. However, the program is a useful addition that benefits the huge number of people who use smartphones and strengthens the existing safety net.

112 Iceland can also be used abroad, although communication is always carried out through 112 in Iceland. In such cases, the Emergency Hotline will contact the emergency services in the relevant country to assist the individual concerned.

To find out more about 112 Iceland, and to download the app, visit The app can also be downloaded through the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store, for those with Android phones.

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