Mini Facelift: A Wonderful Way To Refresh Your Face

As the years go on, many people slowly but surely realize that they are aging. Their eyes start to look a little baggy, and the skin around their cheeks and chin begin to sag. It’s a tough realization for many people, but in the initial years it doesn’t seem drastic enough to do anything about it. A full facelift can be a major surgery, and have a tough recovery. But that’s where the mini facelift comes into play.

A mini facelift procedure is relatively new to the plastic surgery world, and it has been designed for patients who are just beginning to battle the initial signs of the aging process. This procedure, which is performed by Dr. Anthony Corrado in the Philadelphia area, takes less time to complete and also has a shorter recovery period. It is a wonderful choice for people who would just like to refresh their own look and feel youthful again.

“Many of my patients are very excited about this procedure,” Dr. Anthony Corrado said. “It gives patients who are just beginning to show signs of aging an opportunity to give themselves a new look. Often it provides the boost in confidence that they need in order to take on the middle years of their lives.”

While there is no specific age requirement for this procedure, most patients who undergo a mini facelift are in their 40s or 50s. This is when most people begin to show aging signs, but do not feel the age they are entering. It is a great opportunity to have a surgery that does not have a long, grueling recovery but still see results. The procedure lifts sagging skin using small incisions that are well hidden by the skilled surgeon, while at the same time removing excess facial tissue in the face. The end result is a tighter, leaner facial frame that takes years off of a person’s face.

Patients who are interested in further procedures can undergo other surgeries at the same time as well. To come up with the best plan for your body and lifestyle, set up a consultation with the doctor today. For more information on this procedure and many others, visit Dr. Corrado’s website at There, you can set up a consultation with the doctor as well as take the time to research other plastic surgery opportunities that you might be interested in. The time is now to take the action necessary in order to feel refreshed and confident as you take on your middle-aged years.

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